Regional 1-day qb:WR:DB camp      rising 6th-12th

We had a great experience at the camp. Everything was top notch from the branding to the skill instruction, to the classroom. Your ability to teach is awesome. I usually don’t take my kids to camp because I believe it takes daily consistent work to improve and I see camps as you walking away with a $200 plus tee shirt but not much more. This camp was different and exceeded not only my expectations but exceeded the value. Thank You hope to see you in July.

My son and his best friend attended the QBX camp in Jacksonville and we thought it was absolutely amazing!!!

Hi, thank you very much for all you did with respect to the camp. My son has been to a couple of dozen camps in the past, including the Manning camp and college camps like UGA, FSU and UF and said there were things he learned that had not been presented or that were not available at any other camp. He thought the coaches were very helpful and despite his having excellent coaches, identified some things that he thinks will definitely be of benefit going forward. Lastly and more importantly, he had a great time. Thanks again…

It was a very good experience, very informative and detailed. My son loved every minute of it and for me it was very eye opening. Being a QB is a Job! We will spread the message and definitely be returning. Thanks again…

Awesome! Great ! We learned alot ! We will comeback in July! #QBX